April and May News Letter


Easter Raffle


Thank you to everyone involved in the pre-school Easter Raffle and for buying the tickets we took £30 which is brilliant.


New children and parents Open Event –


This year we plan to hold our open event week 7th of May 2019. If you know of anyone who is interested in coming to our pre-school in September 2019 please do lets us know.


Transition Planning


Once we know which schools all of our children will be attending in September 2019 we will start to contact the schools to arrange transition meetings and to invite the new reception teachers in to meet the children.


Important dates for your diary


Children’s toys from Home


We are asking for your support regarding your children bringing toys from home into pre-school. As all of the children are well settled and some are going on to school in September and will not be allowed to take toys into school we are asking if we could start this off this term in pre-school. Thank you for your support in this matter.


Important dates for your diary - Half Term Holidays


Half term will be 27th to 31st May 19


We will return on 3rd June 19


Oral Health


As part of our practice to promote good oral health we are completing ‘The Let’s Get Brushin’ programme through Wigan Council – Wigan and Leisure Culture Trust. The Let’s Get Brushin’ programme’s aims are to make Wigan ‘Smile’ by promoting the 5 S’s


  • Sacking the Sugar and beating the Sweets
  • Smiling your way to health
  • Supervising your brushing

We understand that oral health is important for general health and wellbeing. Poor oral health can affect someone’s ability to eat, speak, smile and socialise normally.


 Let’s Get Brushin’ aims to:


Introduce correct brushing habits from a young age.
Promote and protect the oral health of children by improving diet and consumption of sugary foods and drinks.
Provide learning opportunities that improve oral hygiene across the pre-school.
Provide early years settings with resources and training to provide a supervised brushing scheme.
Encourage families to go to the density regularly.





Please find the ‘Teeth Brushing Challenge’ complete your challenge and return to pre-school for your free tooth brush. Thank you for your support with this activity.



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