January and February  News Letter

Welcome back to everyone and a big thank you from all of the staff at Whitley Pre-School for your wonderful Christmas cards and presents.

Thank you

Thank you all for your contributions to our Christmas raffle for buying tickets as we made £107.00 towards pre-school funds. Thank you so much.  

Library Books

Our library book day will be Friday again this year, if you do not attend on Friday please ensure that you bring your book back on your last day of attendance. The books will then be changed and given out from Friday. The pink observation forms are for parents and carers to write any observations you make as you read the books with your child. We use this comments and observations to help assess where your children are up to on our Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, and then are files in your child’s record of achievement file.

Educational Bags

Education bags are given out over the holiday periods for you to enjoy and again to make observations on. These observations are again linked to our curriculum and support all areas of learning.

Chinese New Year we will be celebrating on Thursday and Friday 23rd and 24th Jan 20 -Year of the Rat

We plan to celebrate Chinese New Year again with the children, this has been a great success in the past and the children have enjoyed lots of fun activities. At snack time we plan to try some rice pudding with fruit .Staff members will dress up in suitable Chinese’s themed outfits and we would love the children to join in either by wearing something in red and/or yellow (Chinese celebration colours) or Chinese style outfits to add to the fun and understanding. If you have any items that link to the theme and would let us have a look we promise to look after them and after we show them to the children we would give them back.

Thank you for your support!                                 

Parents/Carer Volunteers

We welcome all parents and carers into our setting and if anyone has any special talents such as baking, playing an instrument or gardening for example or who would like to support us in the activities taking place with the children please do let us know and we will be happy to incorporate your talents. Volunteering can just be a one off event or more if parent/carers wish.

Names on clothes

Just a reminder could you please put your child’s name in any garments that can be taken off for example coats, hats, scarfs then they do not get lost as we aim to go outside every day. Thank you for your support in this matter.

Image capturing devices and mobile phones

In the interest of safety parents carers, and visitors are not allowed to use image capturing devices this includes mobile phones in the pre-school. This is just a reminder and thank you for your support in this matter.

Important date for your diary

Half Term – We will be closed week beginning 17th February, returning on Monday 24th February 2020.


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